360 Questions By Gravediggaz

Lyrics Of 360 Questions by Gravediggaz

360 questions to ask a gravedigga
Here are just seven of them

Yo rza, how many bites did it take you to chew your fuckin arm off?
*gun shot*
Hey gravediggaz, who was the governor of campania
During the herculonious period?
*gun shot*
Who, the fuck were those two other guys rhymin on diary? word?
*gun shot*
Yo I got a question... are all of you there?
*gun shot*
Question -- can any jehovah witnesses be down with the gravediggaz?
*gun shot*
Yeah do ahh maggots get drunk when they bury alcoholics?
*gun shot*
Yo, I got one last question
*rifle cocks*
Who killed tommy's boy?

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