A Kiss In The Charnel Fields By Korova

Lyrics Of A Kiss In The Charnel Fields by Korova

Kings stride through the golden straw in ornate raiment,
Under human plants with plenteous fruits that pump blood.
From afar blurred tales led them to where the heart hangs.
And barks groan peculiar tunes while crowns adorn the sand.
Her vessels smile blue as emperors creep
In searing woe that ardour bears.
Undressed by passion they adore
Until arboreal sculptures stay.
Myriad sovereigns weep within these trees.
Nourished on their pain her beauty flames.
Attired in my royal scarecloak (I walk through the meadow)
I feel her pulsate and forever stay.
She blushes as her tissue brands my lips
To fall in cardiac fever.
We love in snow, embraced by chilly dreams
As all seasons freeze.
Naked in the charnel fields
We seethed our blood together.
I lick the dank red as the heart
Beats kisses in my open hands.
Forever one, in love unite our deadest streams...
(Lyrics finished in December 1994
Music finished in November 1994)

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Artist: Korova
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