Lovesick Blues By Madeleine Peyroux

Lyrics Of Lovesick Blues by Madeleine Peyroux

I've got a lovesick tale to tell to you
Though it ain't no fail of mine
It's about a gal named sue
And a boy named lou
They were fightin' all the time
Sue came home one afternoon
And found an empty dining room

Without a word
A turtledove had flown
Sue began to moan
"My sweetie went away
But he didn't say where
He didn't say when
He didn't say why
Without biddin' me goodbye
Oh I'm blue as I can be

I know he loves another one
But he didn't say who
He didn't say when
He didn't say what
His momma has got
That took my sweetie from me

I'm like a little lost sheep
And I can't sleep
But I keep tryin' to forget
My travelin' poppa, he left his momma all alone
I groan

My sweetie went away but he didn't say where
He didn't say when
He didn't say why
I know I'll die
Why don't he hurry on home?"

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Artist: Madeleine Peyroux
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