You Canâ??t Steal My Love By Mando Diao

Lyrics Of You Canâ??t Steal My Love by Mando Diao

I was walking down the street with my chains tied up to my feet
I leaned instead of jiggie with the sidewalk
Now this street tells the same old boring tale that has failed in so many ways of life
To trust it's stories you’ve got to be dull as them

And all the love I’ve got in here
You’ve just killed you peasants didn’t even care
The love I had in store you raped for more
And all the dreams I had in here
You’ve just stolen You peasants didn’t even care
But the dreams
I had for her you cannot touch, my golden hand
‘Cause it’s guarded by your promises

I met her in a crowded room where the bookshelves help you and knowledge takes your hand
I watched her beauty from an armchair
I said “Hey girl have you seen that film with those kids in New York in the eighties
Oh, you have – Well, can I watch it with you anyway”

And all the love I’ve got in here…

Congratulation Mr. Major you savior, betrayer,
You stinking master of trusts
How does it feel to ride all those horses
You cannot touch our hearts when we’re in bloom
I assume that we’ll win over the heads again
We conceal non, you’ll feel none, that’s what I promise
And all the love we’ve got in store, you can’t kill You peasants!
We won it all
And the love I have for her you cannot touch, my golden hand, ‘Cause it’s guarded by your filthy promises
And all the love I’ve got in here…

Honey I love you, like the summer falls
And the winter crawls you’re above and beyond me…

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Artist: Mando Diao
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