Can't Go Wrong By O.c.

Lyrics Of Can't Go Wrong by O.c.


We just can't go wrong
You got me hypnotized mesmorized (mesmorized)

What you watn I shoot a line thinkin maybe we can talk cause
The first time I layed eyes on you boo
I seen into the future you and I true blue huh
High school eleventh grad my my you fly
I was struck you gave a go we took it slow
Every Friday you mad it my day comin to know
You was pure inside out and not just a ho
Oh my god, my folks takin to you, now it's official
If other girls would call the crib, my mommy she would blow the whistle
I'ma, past the fatuation love is in effect, now
What you call sex, I say 'yo baby I'm stressed out'
We hooked a bond that's so strong knowin

CHORUS (3x) [verse 2 cuts in]

Many years in the mix now
We get a crib together, our love is tough as leather
Always by your side like a shadow, but not narrow
You be like my queen, OC I'll be your pharoahe
Handle each other with care, we're
Inseperable, none come second to you
We imbelish in trust, we might fuss and cuss
Cause we're like stainless steel baby, we can never rust
Blessed with God, for grantin my soulmate to life
Commonlaw, 9 years, you officially my wife, ooh
Do what you want, I don't worry bout fools
Cause I know know it's me you're comin home to, true
Teenage love turned into somethin strong knowin


Always and forever, forever always
So much temptation but I don't pickup strays
Case in fact, I'd rather be many a groupies
Lookin fine like I realized they just floosies
Toured the world from Amsterdam to Japan
Shot at me on tour, hooker tried to play a man, now
Thought about my girl, my moms and my pops
If it wasn't for the cops I'd be layin in a box
Dyin in vain, causin whole lotta pain
Tombstone mighta read 'Gave it what all for the fame'
And when I'm away call my woman every day
I figure why fuck up a good thing over one night's lay, I say
Gettin past all the sour times we had
From others intervening talkin nothing but trash, but
We got a bond that's so strong knowin

CHORUS [fades until end

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