Alone By Revelation

Lyrics Of Alone by Revelation

[Words: Jim Hunter]

Have you ever felt alone in a crowd?
Voices all around but you didn't hear a sound
Sometimes I get lost in my mind
My thoughts are my only friends
This world filled with loveless souls
All emotions are only pretend
Two-faces are all I see
Is there any other way??
Is it me against the world?

I wonder what it's like
To feel truly fulfilled
I wonder what it's like
To feel you're needed
I cry out all my pain
But my echo just laughs at me
I'm the outcast
The lone fool
I can't laugh because the joke is on me

But I pray better days will come
When I can truly connect with someone
And break this deadened shell
For now I hope and wait for that day

People tell me
Always smile
Ignore what you feel inside
Their way of life
But I cannot lie to myself

I know this won't be forever
Real love I know you're out there
So please remember me
I'll be here waiting for you

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Artist: Revelation
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