Meltin's Worm By Boo Radleys

Lyrics Of Meltin's Worm by Boo Radleys

Have you heard of meltin's worm, it crawled right
Into this house, the dividends of grubby hands
And putting them into your mouth. it set up shop
And would not stop gorging whatever meltin
Could eat, it's exquisite taste, it went to waste
On a diet consisting of sweets, the doctor came
And laid the blame on meltin's nails he was
Bitin', he made demands they didn't understand
??cos they couldn't read his writing, it grew and
Grew and it knew that time was on it's side
It got such a size you could see it's eyes when
Meltin opened his wide, but there's just one
Thing it cares about

Keepmealwayskeepmealwayskeepme alwayskeepme

Knitting sneakers for the army
Checking numbers off the telly
Making plans with mister felstead
It does it no good it just needs more food
Have you heard of meltin's worm, it finally killed
Him to death, now his ma feeds it, the uniforms
Fits so she sends it to school instead
(i will always be inside)
Keep away, feed the worm, meltin's worm

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Artist: Boo Radleys
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