46 Years In Hell By Bound For Glory

Lyrics Of 46 Years In Hell by Bound For Glory

On a warm and sunny day in Wunsiedel
I've come to give my respects to you
Sleep forever in peace my friend
You're an inspiration in everything I do
You were an honest man that wanted peace
To stop a brothers war
For your mission of peace they locked you up
And never opened the door

Until I'm old and gray
I will fight to clear your name
Justice for Rudolf Hess
We will never forget
Your 46 years in hell
46 years in hell
46 years in hell
May your spirit rest in peace

You took the truth to the grave
They called it suicide
We all know you won the fight
They couldn't rest until you died
Just like you we won't give an inch
The struggle for the truth continues today
We'll show the world the hero you were
No matter what the history books say

(Repeat Chorus)

I see you're loved, honored and cherished
By the flowers and candles on your grave
From all over the world, none have forgotten
The price for freedom you paid
You swore the oath, duty until death
For 46 years they couldn't steal the pride
It's 12 years later and none have forgotten
That your ideals and spirits' alive

(Repeat Chorus)

Awesome solo

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