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When I take a look around me
I wonder how the sun's so sure, he knows the way,
And why he doesn't stray, and if he spends the day
Looking for another meaning.

Still don't know what I really believe in,
Will someone please put on the light, and make me feel all right?
I've searched my head all night,
Looking for another meaning

I've tried so hard to find what I had on my mind,
When I had no axe to grind, and everything was all right.
All right, all right...

And it looks like everyday gets a little bit harder
For me, me, me, me....

Joe Egan: Vocals, Keyboard
Gerry Rafferty: Vocals, Guitar
Paul Pilnick: Lead Guitar
Tony Williams: Bass
Rod Coombes: Drums

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Artist: Stealers Wheel
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