Here I Go Again By Thin Lizzy

Lyrics Of Here I Go Again by Thin Lizzy

So we packed our bags and headed for the north sea
There was eric, brian, freaky pete, charlie, frankie lee and me
I was feeling homesick but I was in good company
We went sailing

We came ashore long before the fighting broke
Saw the sign and headed for the big smoke
We met an old woman of the roads, she said "this life is but a joke"
But we kept on trucking

I'm always thinking, I'm thinking
I'm thinking how much I think about it all
While you're just dreaming, just dreaming, just dreaming
Had you dreamt it all

But I'm the one who's fallen
The one you hear
Here calling across your floor
Here I go again feeling low down

I'll never know, but then I came from the wrong side of town
We were like the lonesome outlaws
We would go which way the wind did blow
Down the open trail that nobody knows

Sometimes it gets lonesome
But there you go feeling low down

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Artist: Thin Lizzy
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