Thunder In The Tower By U. D. O.

Lyrics Of Thunder In The Tower by U. D. O.

Well, the lightning flashed at midnight
And the dogs did howl along
You don't believe it - unless youve seen it
It was the night the thunder broke

There is no more creation
No room for good - no hope
You better cry for salvation - as
The reaper dangled by the rope

A scream for help - the morning after
Theyd equalised the score
And in their minds - there's only laughter
A smile - without a cause

And there was thunder in the tower
As the cat crept out
There was thunder in the tower
There's no escape - no doubt

Its been the night the birds were silent
And the town was deadly still
A curling lip - an icy grip
N bony fingers that can kill

Assembling in the tower
The payment bloody high
They tried to cheat their final hour
Hes gonna get them eye to eye


And there was thunder in the tower
Screaming silence in the air
There was thunder in the tower
Awesome power evrywhere

And there was thunder in the tower
They didn't care it's right or wrong
There was thunder in the tower
And the reaper came along


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Artist: U. D. O.
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