Lunch In A Sack By U.s. Bombs

Lyrics Of Lunch In A Sack by U.s. Bombs

Crash, rats in a trap
Hyper me back, won't let me crash
Clean off yer T.V. screens
Wipe the film nobody see's
Eyeball that phoney smirk 'cause
We;ve got to ring it out!
Crash , I'm gonna crash..... So tell me kid
To much is not enough! get em off the rack
Rocket sex and drugs to roll
Its sterilized ya got fads to mold
Penelized a wild manimal
Hey! it's just like they said
No money for the mind game
A vice that gripstill we're otta the way
Disect all those rejects, go ahead
And burn em all in the cage! Crash!
I'm judgin you and yer judgin me
Underneath it's all gone seperates
The cause won't die till we turn in our graves
The trap is set! Yer gonna eat the seeds
Crash! a fuckin trap, hyper me back,
To the resource back to the crap

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Artist: U.s. Bombs
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