Birdman songs lyrics

Lyrics Duration Views Rating
Tapout 148 (not rated)
Four My Town 107 (not rated)
Loyalty 439 (not rated)
Why You Mad 127 (not rated)
Tap Out 199 (not rated)
Born Stunna 146 (not rated)
Switch Lanes 228 (not rated)
Smokin Weed Countin Money 207 (not rated)
Rich As Fuck 208 (not rated)
Mamma Cry 193 (not rated)
Kobe Or Ginobili 127 (not rated)
Khaled Speaks Part 1 95 (not rated)
Karate Chop Remix 112 (not rated)
Freaks 104 (not rated)
Fo Real 150 (not rated)
Fly Rich 220 (not rated)
Eat The Cake 183 (not rated)
Drank And Smoke 200 (not rated)
Dope 148 (not rated)
Chill 152 (not rated)

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